Can Losses Be Influenced by the Rate at Which You Play

Not all gamblers are comfortable with a specific speed to play casino games. Everyone will have a pace that suits their gameplay, and it will change the profit and loss potential of every bet. The speed with which a person plays will be completely dependent on the ease which he/she falls into the game’s pattern. They must feel natural with the rules and the game’s progress to improve their chances to win the game. But that doesn’t mean that every player will stop and think of the time they consume to make a move in the singapore sportsbook game.

Blackjack is one game where the extra time taken by each player would agitate the dealer. Only a few players care to look into their gameplay, and the time they take to implement it. Slots demand the players to keep track of their game and their playing speed. Regardless of the game you play, the casinos will have a house edge which will be aiming at the player’s loss. You need to consider the speed at which you play the game so that you don’t end up in enormous losses. Let us have a look at how the pace at which you play influences the result of the game.

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Why Should You Be Worrying About the Playing Speed?

Play rate isn’t a concept that can be ignored if you are an avid gambler. You need to look into it and see how it affects your game. By doing so, you will be able to make your bankroll last longer and minimize losses. Here is how the play rate can affect the slots and blackjack.


1. Slots

Slot machine game is indeed the easiest casino game to understand and play. All you need to do is deposit an amount of money and hit the button to your fortune. Displaying spin results will take time on slots, which will increase further when you trigger the bonus feature. If you maintain a normal pace, there is a chance for you to average around 10 spins every minute. Although this is what the average speed would bring you, there could be variations to the speed for slot machines based on the factors such as the individual game, the number of bonus features, pace at which you play, and the number of breaks you take. An average player is likely to hit around 500 to 700 spins per hour. Since slots have higher house edges, your losses could also increase. Online slots have house edge at about 3-5% house advantage, and the land-based slots have it at 4-10%. The theoretical losses per hour for online slots could go up to $24, whereas in land-based slots it could be almost $42 per hour.

2. Blackjack

The game is relatively slower since its managed by a human dealer, and also the table is almost always full because of the game’s immense popularity. At a land-based blackjack table, you would be looking at about 80 hands on an average. House edge will depend on your skills and game rules, which is usually around 1.5-2% in land-based casinos. In online casinos, it stands at about 0.5-1%. Putting in good strategies can help you lower the casino’s advantage. The theoretical losses per hour for a blackjack game at an online casino would range around $2.5, while in the land-based casinos it would be approximately $16 per hour.

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